Make Money From Mobile

Earn Money From Your Mobile Phone:
Receive 5 SMS on Mobile and Earn Reasonable Amount.
100% Free Registration for SMS Marketing Jobs.
Refer more and more your friends and earn “Referral Bonus”
       Now the mobile is the fastest medium of communication through out the world. It is faster then internet. Now the 70% of the world population have mobile phone with themselves. The trend of keeping mobile phone in hand has been increasing day by day. It is expected that in 2015 every person in the world will have his own mobile set with him.
SMS Marketing
     “Sending Advertisement SMS to the registered mobile numbers is known as the SMS Marketing”. If you are interested to earn money from your mobile then you need to register with the SMS Marketing companies. SMS Marketing Companies cannot send SMS to the unknown numbers without phone holder’s permission, because it is not fair practice and it may disturb the mobile phone holders. They can send SMS to those numbers whose mobile holders show intention of receiving SMS. I am going to refer you a SMS Marketing Company that offer you to receive 5 SMS daily in your free hours on your mobile phone.
How to Register.  100% Free Registration. 
Step-by-Step Guide:

Step-1: Visit the website:

Step-2:   Find this button  on the page and Click on it.

Step-3:   A form will open before you on the pc screen. You need to fill the form carefully. Please all the information you put into the form.
    Form Contains the Following Fields.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Company Name
  4. Country ( Select from drop down list )
  5. Mobile Phone Country ( Select from drop down list)
  6. Email
  7. Confirm Email ( Re-Type the above email you put in field 6)
  8. User Name ( Type Some words and digits you like and remember it must )
  9. Password ( Type at least six digits or words and remember it must )
  10. Confirm Password ( Type the same digits or words you put in the field 9)
  11. Website URL (Here Type some words or digits you like and note it on your note book. You website or URL will be just like this {} )
  12. Type Capcha Code into the blank field.
  13.  Click on Check to accept the agreement between you and the Text Cash Network.
  14. Click on Continue
  15. Next page will open and you need to Click on “ Continue” again

Step-4:    During registration, you will receive a SMS on your mobile from Text Cash Network. Here you need to     reply while writing “Yes.” If you have no balance in your mobile then no need to reply while writing “Yes”. Just open the email and find Email Validation Code in your email sent by Text Cash Network.
Step-5: Copy the “Email Validation Code and put it into specific field and click on “Validate Email” Now you will receive message that your email is verified.
Step-6:  Now you will go to the back office (Home Page of the Website).
Step-7: Click on “My Profile” and then Account information.
Step-8:  Update your current address while clicking on “Edit Address” Put your address on the field and submit.
Step-9:  Now find the “Current Phone Number” just below the “Current Addresses”
Step-10:  Click on “Edit Phone” a page will open on pc screen.
Step-11:  Now find on the page “(Click Here Now) in blue color. From here, you can send mobile verification code     to your mobile.
Step-12: Now you will receive a SMS from Text Cash Network on your mobile containing a verification code.
Step-13: Put the code into the field open on pc screen and click on verify.
Step-14: Now your mobile number has also verified.

You can change, edit, or replace your mobile number or email at any time while updating your profile.
Now your registration on text cash network has done.

How to Earn Money from Your Mobile:

Refer Your Friends and Earn Referral Bonus.
  Now you will refer your friends to the Text Cash Network from your website or URL you have generated during registration. You can refer unlimited referrals as your direct referral. However, the good news is that you will earn referral bonus up to the 10th level. For each active referral in your down line you will earn $1.50 per month. Active referral means that he has active mobile phone and agrees to receive 5 sms daily on his/her mobile.
If you refer only two active members then your down line will be


1st Level

2 Persons

2nd Level

4 Persons

3rd Level

8 Persons

4th Level

16 Persons

5th Level

32 Persons

6th Level

64 Persons

7th Level

128 Persons

8th Level

256 Persons

9th Level

512 Persons

10th Level

1024 Persons

Total Referrals:

2046 Persons

You have seen that if you refer only two persons and then at the 10th level your referral will be 2046 persons and your referral bonus will be { 2046 persons *$1.50=$3069 Per month}. In addition, if you refer more persons then your referral bonus will increase on every step. This is possible when you are serious in your work. If you refer two person and they do nothing then you will earn only $3 per month. For earning money from Text Cash Network, you need to do work hard and enforce your referral for further referrals. This will be your lifetime income. So don’t waste the time and try to refer more and more persons to your network.

Why You Are Paid?
Actually, Text Cash Network receives money from advertisers and sends “ Advertisement SMS” to your mobile numbers. Now you are the Referral Agent of Text Cash Network and referred your friends to this network. Therefore, they pay you the referral bonus because you help the company in spreading network. You can earn money as much as you like. Refer more and more persons in to your down line and maximize your revenue.

Most of the sms marketing companies are not working in Pakistan. However, you can start and promote sms marketing on social networking websites such as Facebook etc.